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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Scenes 21-25

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Scenes 21-25

Scenes 21-25

  • Hagrid and Harry are traipsing through the woods. Hagrid has asked Harry to bring his father's invisibility cloak. Hmm: they must be up to something super secret.
  • Suddenly, we hear Madame Maxime call for Hagrid. Hagrid tells Harry to put the cloak on.
  • Hagrid and the Beauxbatons headmistress are flirting. Apparently, he wanted to show her (and Harry, standing there invisibly) the dragons that are going to be used for the Triwizard Tournament.
  • Guess he's trying to warn Harry what he's up against. That's nice, but yikes. Apparently, the horntail is the most dangerous of the three...
  • Harry is walking through the school, and people are wearing "Potter Stinks" pins. It seems like a lot of people other than Ron think he cheated to get himself in the tourney.
  • Brushing all that off, Harry goes to warn Cedric about the dragons. You know, since Harry isn't a cheat and does want everything to be fair—how can anyone think badly of this kid? We don't get it.
  • Oh, and Cedric is a stand-up guy, too: he immediately wants to make sure that Fleur and Viktor know as well. Harry says yes.
  • In the background, Mad-Eye sees what Harry is doing. Hmm. Hopefully he's impressed with Harry's integrity?
  • All this tournament business has distracted us from Harry's usual antagonist (well, at school): Draco Malfoy. However, we make up for that here, as Malfoy and Harry get into a little scuffle.
  • Malfoy turns his wand on Harry's back, and Moody turns Malfoy into a ferret as punishment.
  • The kids are amused, but Professor McGonagall sees and reprimands Moody. He turns Malfoy back.
  • Then, he takes Harry back to his office. There's something weird that's fighting to get out of his trunk, and he has a "foe glass" to detect enemies.
  • Something is definitely not right with this guy….we just can't tell if it's the typical "Nothing is really right at Hogwarts" kind of strangeness, or something nastier.
  • Anyway, Moody appears to want to help Harry succeed in the tournament. He encourages him to think about his strengths so he can compete well against Fleur, Cedric, and Viktor.
  • The big day has finally arrived: it's tournament time. Harry is in the tent preparing for the first task.
  • Hermione comes to wish him luck and see how he's doing. She throws her arms around him.
  • Unfortunately, Rita Skeeter catches the moment and clearly wants to make something romantic out of it. We can picture Harry tossing that edition into the fire already.
  • Luckily, Viktor comes in and tells her she doesn't belong there. Yay for you, Viktor—we see what Ron sees in you (and Hermione too, maybe?).
  • Bartemius Crouch, Dumbledore, and some others come in. They make the champions draw small versions of the dragons they will battle out of a bag.
  • Harry, of course, draws the horntail that Hagrid was saying was particularly nasty. Because of course he did.
  • Crouch then lays out the task: Collect the golden egg that each champion's dragon is protecting.
  • Cedric goes first.
  • Harry waits nervously as each of the three first champions competes successfully. Finally, it's his turn. Thank goodness—we can't take much more suspense.
  • Of course, the event itself doesn't really do much to calm us down—at least, not immediately. The dragon gets the better of Harry until he uses his wand to summon his broomstick. Then, he flies around the arena. And then out. He makes the dragon give chase around the castle.
  • There's a tense moment where Harry is knocked off his broomstick and has to hang off the side of the castle. The dragon comes for him, but Harry manages to get his broom back just in time. Whew!
  • He flies back toward the arena, the dragon close behind him. Come on, Harry—we know you can do this (because we know there are four more movies).
  • Harry flies through a bridge that the dragon can't fit through, and there's a crash as the dragon smashes into it. They fall, and we're not sure if Harry survived.
  • After that little moment of suspense, though, he reappears and grabs the gold egg.
  • The kids are all back in the Gryffindor common room celebrating. It's time for Harry to open the egg and get his clue.
  • Unfortunately, opening it creates a crazy loud screaming noise. That's a little, er, complication.
  • Then Ron comes in, and he and Harry make up. It seems that Ron has worked out that Harry didn't put his name in the goblet.
  • Finally. Well, better late than never, we guess?

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