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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Scenes 31-35

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Scenes 31-35

Scenes 31-35

  • Harry and Ron are getting ready for the dance. Ron really doesn't like his dress robes. And we, er, get it. They're hideous.
  • They arrive at the dance, and McGonagall hauls Harry and his date off for the first dance. Apparently, the champions have to do something special.
  • Harry sees Cho on Cedric's arm. Oh boy—that's who asked her? Great—now Harry's going to have drama with Cedric.
  • Hermione arrives and joins her date. Yup, you guessed it: it's Viktor Krum.
  • The champions enter the hall and lead off the dancing. Then, everyone else joins in.
  • Later, a band performs and Professor Flitwick crowd surfs. The students dance.
  • Ron's suddenly not such a big fan of Krum's, as he watches Hermione dance with him.
  • Harry and Ron are sitting together looking glum (and apparently refusing to dance), and their dates don't look like they're enjoying themselves. Hmm, wonder why.
  • As Hermione, Harry, and Ron walk out of the ball, and Ron tells Hermione that Krum is using her.
  • That's not the right thing to say. Hermione gets mad and tells him to just ask her to the dance himself next time—and, you know, not as a desperation thing.
  • Ron claims he has no idea what she's talking about. He's not peeved that she went to the dance without him! No, not at all…
  • Back in his room, Harry dreaming about Wormtail, Voldemort, and the mysterious man again.
  • When he wakes up, he finds Neville just arriving home from the dance.
  • Hermione is giving Harry a hard time for not having figured out his egg yet. The task is getting closer.
  • Cedric tries to catch up with Harry as he walks away. Harry isn't keen on talking to him. Seems he's taking the whole Cedric/Cho Yule Ball thing pretty hard.
  • However, Cedric is trying his best to be friendly and return the favor for the intel Harry gave him about the dragons.
  • Apparently, he knows how to "crack" the egg and suggests that Harry take his egg for a dip in the prefect's bathroom.
  • Harry takes Cedric's suggestion and sneaks into the prefect's bathroom for a bath.
  • He tries opening the egg while sitting there and it still screams. Okay, what was the point of this again?
  • Then, one of the castle's ghosts tells Harry to put the egg in the water. (She also mentions that she found some Polyjuice Potion in the drain. Hmm, wonder what that's about.)
  • Harry sinks under water, opens the egg, and gets the clue. Something is going to be hidden in the Black Lake, and he'll have an hour to find it.
  • Now he just needs to figure out how he's going to breathe under water for an hour.

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