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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Scenes 36-40

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Scenes 36-40

Scenes 36-40

  • It's the night before the next task, and Hermione and Ron are in the library with Harry trying to help him figure out how to survive underwater long enough to find…whatever it is he's supposed to be finding.
  • Moody interrupts them, though, and orders Hermione and Ron away to McGonagall's office.
  • Moody then suggests that Neville (yup he's there too) help Harry with his books.
  • Harry is irritated with Neville's presence, but something good comes out of it: Neville tells Harry that Gillyweed could definitely help him breathe under water.
  • It's the day of the tournament, and some treasure from each of the champions has been placed in the lake. Hmm, what in the world could Harry's be? And where are Ron and Hermione?
  • Harry eats the Gillyweed and dives in.
  • The Gillyweed does the trick and makes him totally ready for the water—he even grows flippers.
  • Unfortunately, Fleur ends up failing the task. However, Harry finds his treasure: He finds Ron and Hermione suspended alongside Cho (and apparently charmed so they're safe/asleep beneath the water).
  • Cedric arrives and saves Cho.
  • Harry tries to save Hermione and Ron, but the merpeople stop him. Apparently, Hermione is someone else's treasure, so Harry has to leave her alone.
  • Ah, yes, we get it: Viktor arrives and saves her.
  • Then, Harry is in a pickle: Fleur's "treasure" is also here: her sister. Harry gets into some trouble with the sea creatures, but he manages to save both Ron and the younger sister and gets out.
  • Fleur is super-grateful to Harry for making the effort to save her.
  • As a reward for his commitment to saving everyone, the PTB award Harry second place in the challenge, despite the fact that he came last.
  • Crouch pulls Harry aside for a chat after the contest. He muses about Harry's tragic past.
  • Moody comes up and seems annoyed that Crouch is talking to Harry. Then, he licks his lips, which seems to disturb Crouch.
  • Crouch walks away, and Moody takes another swig of his flask.
  • Hagrid, Harry, Hermione, and Ron are walking through the woods. Harry comes across Bartemius Crouch's body. Who in the world would want to hurt Crouch? So strange.
  • Cornelius Fudge (he's the Minister of Magic), Dumbledore, and Moody are talking about whether the tournament should be cancelled now that there's been a murder.
  • Dumbledore wants to cancel, and Fudge refuses.
  • Harry is listening outside until Moody outs him. Dumbledore invites him to stay in the office while he goes attend to something.
  • By accident, Harry ends up opening Dumbledore's magic water bowl (we later learn it's called a pensieve). He ends up being sucked in, and suddenly he appears to be…in the past?
  • Somehow, Harry is now watching the trial of Igor Karkaroff. He's the headmaster at Durmstrang, and as we learned earlier in the film, he's a former Death Eater.
  • Karkaroff is giving information to try to get leniency in his sentence in Azkaban. It's not going well until he finally names Barty Crouch's son, Barty Crouch Jr., as a secret Death Eater. That definitely rocks the courtroom. Especially since Junior has been sitting in the audience.
  • Harry then realizes that Barty Crouch Jr. is the man he saw in the dream with Voldemort.
  • Moody disables Barty Jr. as he's trying to escape, and Barty Senior tells his son that he's basically disowned.
  • Wait, Barty Jr. is licking his lips. Maybe that's why Moody's lip smacking bothered Barty Senior so much?
  • Harry comes out of the pensieve and finds Dumbledore has returned to his office. Dumbledore explains that the pensieve is where he puts his memories.
  • Harry tells Dumbledore about his dreams of Voldemort. He asks Dumbledore if he thinks these dreams are actually happening, and Dumbledore advises him not to think too much about them.

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