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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Scenes 41-46

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Scenes 41-46

Scenes 41-46

  • Leaving Dumbledore's office, Harry comes upon Karkaroff trying to show Snape a mark on his arm.
  • Snape stops Harry and gives him a hard time. He believes that Harry stole the Gillyweed he used for the tournament from his stores. He also accuses Harry and his pals of stealing the ingredients for Polyjuice Potion from him.
  • Hmm, what's going on with this Polyjuice stuff?
  • Anyway, no time to linger on that: It's the day of the final task, and the Triwizard Cup has been hidden in a giant maze.
  • As the leaders in the standings, Cedric and Harry are entering the maze first.
  • Cedric and Harry nod to each other. The start gun goes off and they enter.
  • Harry gives a long look back to Moody and Dumbledore before entering, and the maze closes behind him.
  • As Dumbledore had warned them, some weird stuff happens to them in the maze.
  • Krum is wandering around with strange cloudy eyes. What, is he a zombie now?
  • Then, Fleur ends up stunned and engulfed by the maze. So, it seems she is 1/3 in Triwizard tasks and definitely out of the running for the cup. Harry sends up a distress signal for her with his wand. #wizardsportsmanship
  • It definitely seems that Krum is bewitched, since he is about to attack Harry when Cedric disarms him.
  • Harry stops then has to stop Cedric from hurting Krum, explaining that he's under a spell.
  • As it turns out, even Harry isn't immune to the maze's weird/evil effects: when the maze traps Cedric, Harry almost doesn't save him. That's totally not like Harry. However, he snaps out of it and frees Cedric, with the Triwizard cup now in sight…
  • Now that they're both free, Cedric and Harry head toward the cup, running from a furious wind that's coming after them.
  • At first, Cedric is going to let Harry take the cup alone, since he saved Cedric. But Harry insists they go together. Oh, Harry—why do we have a feeling that this good deed is gong to come back to bite you?
  • The cup turns out to be a Portkey, and now they're in a graveyard. Uh oh. What did we tell you, Harry?
  • Harry realizes that he's been in this place before, in his dream—which means they need to get out of there pronto. Unfortunately, it's too late—he's immobilized (via magic, natch) to a grave. He orders Cedric back to the cup so that maybe he can escape. But you know Cedric—he's a nice guy too.
  • A cauldron near them is suddenly on fire, and Wormtail appears with some odd creature in his arm.
  • O.M.G. It's Voldemort. A weird fetusy-looking Voldemort, but it's him.
  • He orders Wormtail to "kill the spare." Wait, what? No! But yes. Wormtail kills Cedric.
  • Harry is pinned down and in agony—physical and mental.
  • Wormtail dumps the Voldemort creature in the cauldron and adds a bunch of ingredients, including his own hand and Harry's blood (GROSS). As a result, Voldemort-the-fetus-creature gets a full body.
  • Yup, you know what that means: he's baaaaaaaaaack.
  • Wormtail gives him his wand back, and Voldemort uses it to summon back his Death Eaters.
  • They arrive wearing masks. Voldemort gives them a little "welcome" speech—and then unmasks and yells at them for not trying to seek him out sooner. (Since, apparently, he's been kindasorta around this entire time, just without the power to do anything.)
  • He seems (mostly) pleased with Wormtail, though, and magically restores his hand.
  • Then Voldemort and Harry chat. Voldemort explains why he wasn't able to kill Harry as a baby. Apparently, his mother's love had protected him.
  • However, since he's been reconstituted using Harry's own blood, he can definitely touch him now.
  • He releases Harry from the grave so that they can have a proper duel. Uh oh—we do not think this is going to end well.
  • When Harry refuses to bow, Voldemort forces him to by magic. He uses the Cruciatus curse to hurt him, but Harry manages to shake it off.
  • Voldemort then gives us the biggest "obviously" moment of the film: he says he intends to kill Harry.
  • After briefly hiding, Harry stands up to face Voldemort. They both cast spells at each other. Voldemort sends the killing curse, and Harry casts the Expelliarmus (disarming) spell. The spells meet in the middle and struggle against each other.
  • In all the tussling, ghosts appear to be released from Voldemort's wand. Whoa, these are the ghosts of the people the wand has killed. Harry's parents appear and give him advice on how to escape. Cedric asks Harry to take his body back to his father.
  • When the spell breaks, Harry grabs Cedric's body and the Portkey and manages to get away.
  • Suddenly he's back at the tournament, sobbing over Cedric's body. People cheer until they realize what's happened.
  • Dumbledore tries to pull Harry away and wants to know what happened. Then Harry drops the bomb: Voldemort. Is. Back.
  • Cedric's father rushes down. He is, of course, completely devastated. Cho is, too, as she cries in the stands.
  • Moody comes and grabs Harry and rushes him away from the scene. Oh, that's good thinking—he's trying to protect him, right?
  • Moody takes Harry to his office and bolts the door shut. Um, is that really necessary?
  • Moody asks Harry if he's okay and examines the wound on Harry's arm.
  • He then starts interrogating Harry about being in Voldemort's presence.
  • At the same time, he starts having some, er, troubles. He appears to be in pain and his hand is changing shape. He turns to his flask. It's empty.
  • Moody rushes around the room to find some more of whatever is in his flask, but all of his vials are empty.
  • Meanwhile, he continues drilling Harry. He asks whether there were others in the graveyard.
  • Uh oh. Harry didn't say anything to Moody about a graveyard. So…how did he know?
  • As it turns out, Moody has been behind Harry's success in the tournament (and, you know, his entry in the first place). He made sure that Hagrid showed Harry the dragons, that Krum ended up bewitched, and that Neville told Harry about the Gillyweed. He was really trying to get Harry into that graveyard. And it worked.
  • Snape and Dumbledore burst in and disable Moody. They pour something into Moody's mouth and discover that his flask had been filled with Polyjuice Potion.
  • You know what that means: Moody is not Moody. Turns out, he's Barty Crouch Junior plus Polyjuice Potion, and Moody is the loud thing in Moody's trunk that we saw earlier.
  • Dumbledore has gathered the students to remember Cedric and to warn the students about how he died: Voldemort is back and killed him.
  • Dumbledore visits Harry's room. He apologizes for putting Harry in danger throughout the year.
  • Harry tells Dumbledore about what happened with his wand and Voldemort's—you know, when their spells met in the middle and kind of wrestled.
  • Dumbledore warns him about the dangers ahead, now that the big V is back.
  • The champions from the other schools are leaving. Krum says goodbye to Hermione, and the Delacours do the same with Ron. The end…until next year, that is.

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