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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Scenes 6-10

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Scenes 6-10

Scenes 6-10

  • Now the kids are on the train back to Hogwarts. They're putting their commute to good use and trying to sort through all the crazy stuff that's been happening.
  • Oh, and there's this weird moment between Harry and a girl at the treat cart. Harry and the girl are making serious lovey eyes at each other. Hmm: a bright spot in all the darkness?
  • Hermione suggests that Harry send word to his godfather, Sirius Black—you know, about the dream, the world cup, etc.
  • He sends Hedwig, his snowy white owl, to do the job.
  • Then they get to Hogwarts, where apparently the school is welcoming some guests.
  • The newbies arrive from he sky and the sea (like, directly out of the sea).
  • And we thought a magic train was weird.
  • Dumbledore is giving his standard beginning-of-the-school-year address.
  • Filch runs in and interrupts. We don't know what he says, but Dumbledore doesn't miss a beat and picks right up where he was.
  • He announces that this year, Hogwarts is home to something called the Triwizard Tournament, which consists of a series of contests. But more on that later.
  • Dumbledore then introduces one of the competitors: the Beauxbatons school. The students and headmistress from the school enter.
  • Dumbledore greets the headmistress. Her name is Madame Maxime, and she's very tall.
  • Now the students from Durmstrang enter. Whoa, Viktor Krum is among them—prepare for maximum Ron Weasley fanboying. Dumbledore embraces the headmaster.
  • Now, he introduces Bartemius Crouch to describe the new rules for the tournament. A man named Mad Eye Mooney also shows up.
  • Apparently, he's a big-time enemy of dark wizards—he's put lots of them in Azkaban (which, if you have been paying attention to the series, is the prison where bad wizards go).
  • Dumbledore greets Moody as an old friend. Then, Moody takes a swig out of some kind of flask. The kids wonder what that's about (as do we, children, as do we).
  • Anyway, back to this tournament business: turns out the new rules say that students who are under seventeen will not be allowed to compete.
  • Dumbledore then reveals the Goblet of Fire. This is where eligible students (read: students over seventeen) are supposed to use to submit their name for consideration to compete in the competition.
  • Later that night, we see just a quick shot of the headmaster from Durmstrang entering the room with the Goblet of Fire and closing the door. Hmm, that can't be good.
  • School is in session, Shmoopers—and Professor Moody is teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts.
  • He appears to be super intense. He's going to teach the kids about unforgivable curses. Sounds cheerful.
  • Moody calls on Ron to name a curse. Ron says he knows about one called the "Imperius Curse."
  • Moody demonstrates using a spider. The kids are enjoying themselves as Moody makes the spider do crazy things. The laughing stops, though, when he asks if he should make the spider do things like, say, drown itself.
  • Um, yeah, that's a little dark—we thought this was a kids' movie?
  • Next, Neville Longbottom names the Cruciatus curse. Moody performs that on the spider, too, as the spider squeaks and writhes in pain.
  • Neville appears sickened, and Hermione begs Moody to stop.
  • Moody drops the spider on Hermione's desk. He asks Hermione to name the last unforgivable curse. She refuses.
  • Moody then performs it on the spider. It's the killing curse.
  • He then notes that our boy Harry Potter is the only person to have survived it. Then he drinks out of that mysterious little flask of his.

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