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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Courage

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Harry's story began with a big show of bravery: his mom sacrificed herself to try to save Harry. Good thing he seems to have inherited some of those guts, because guys, things are getting really dangerous for our hero in Goblet of Fire.

Someone at Hogwarts made sure he was selected to compete in a super dangerous tournament (dangerous = people die), and then Voldemort ended up capturing him, using his blood to come back to life, and then trying to duel/kill Harry.

Luckily, Harry escaped, but now that Voldemort is back…yeah, Harry's going to need all the courage he can string together.

Questions About Courage

  1. What are some examples of Harry's courage that don't involve physical danger?
  2. What other characters demonstrate bravery and/or courage?
  3. What about cowards? Can we talk about them for a minute? Who are some cowards?

Chew on This

Well, we wouldn't say it's cowardly, but we're kind of surprised when Dumbledore gives into Crouch's insistence that Harry compete—isn't he known for standing up to the Ministry of Magic?

Dumbledore draws back and lets Harry do his thing for the most part because Harry is going to have to defend himself soon enough—better he learn now under "supervision," we suppose.

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