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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Friendship

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One of the biggest things Harry has going for him is that he's got a tight group of friends who always support him. Well, er, almost always—when Harry's name ends up in the Goblet of Fire, things do get a little dicey with BFF Ron (and, well, basically everyone else at Hogwarts).

That's really a minor bump in the road of Harry and Ron's bromance, though. Oh, and then there's Hermione, who's super close to both Harry and Ron. Well, until she and Ron have a fight because Ron is jealous that she's dating Viktor Krum.

So, yeah, that's some more drama that breaks up their fearsome threesome briefly.

Hmm, now that we think about it, it seems like Harry's friendships get tested quite a bit in this installment. Good thing they all pass that test and are all buddy-buddy again at the end of the film, since we're pretty sure they're really going to need each other now that Voldemort is back.

Questions About Friendship

  1. Why do you think Ron goes all ballistic on Harry? He knows Harry's a good guy, so why does he suddenly believe the worst of him?
  2. What do you think of the changes to Hermione and Ron's relationship? Do you think their friendship is going to get stronger as they get closer…or is it in danger?
  3. What are some other examples of friendships that were tested in the course of the movie?
  4. Why do you think this film is so focused on weird, often petty friendship hiccups?

Chew on This

The film juxtaposes teen angst with the Triwizard Tournament to drive home an important point: the stakes of everything are getting really high, and everyone is going to need to stick together.

Ron goes ballistic on Harry because he's jealous. Of course he is. Can you imagine being friends with the most famous kid in the world?

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