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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Point of View

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Point of View

(Fairly) Simple Suspense

The Harry Potter series has a lot of characters, and there's always a lot going on. However, we're not exactly talking Ulysses-level complexity. As far as main storylines go, we've got:

  • Harry working with Dumbledore to figure out how to take down Voldemort.
  • Draco's secret mission (and Snape's attempts to assist).

We also get a couple of minor subplots that add comic/romantic relief, namely:

  • The Ron/Hermione/Lavender love mess.
  • Harry's puppy love with Ginny. Awww.

Mostly, we're just following the tension of Harry's efforts to fight the Dark Lord, and Draco's attempts to…well, do the Dark Lord's bidding. (We don't really find out what he's specifically up to until the end.)

Nothing too complicated, but there's plenty of suspense going on even within this "simple" narrative.

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