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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Narcissa Malfoy (Helen McCrory)

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Narcissa Malfoy (Helen McCrory)

Narcissa (or "Cissy" as her sister calls her) is part of Voldemort's Death Eater crew and Draco Malfoy's mother.

We know she's on the wrong side and all, but we do see just the tiniest shred of humanity in her concern for her son. She goes to Snape to beg him to help Draco with some secret mission from Voldemort, which is likely to be dangerous:

BELLATRIX: You should be honored, Cissy. As should Draco.

NARCISSA: He's just a boy.

SNAPE: I can't change the Dark Lord's mind. But it might be possible for me to help Draco.

Sure, she's still just looking out for her own, but it's better than just looking out entirely for yourself. Or because of an evil, all-encompassing desire for world domination. We're glass-half-full people here at Shmoop, obvi.

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