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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Scene 14

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Scene 14

Scene 14

  • So, you guessed it. Harry, Ron and Hermione are in the mood for a Butterbeer all of a sudden. They go into The Three Broomsticks. Oh, hey, Ginny's here too…and she's getting pretty cozy with that Dean Thomas kid, which Ron is not happy about at all, in typical big brother fashion.
  • Harry waves Slughorn over and starts to chat him up. The professor invites Hermione and Harry to his exclusive dinner party. Right in front of Ron (who he then calls by the wrong name)—ouch.
  • That little slight aside, it's a pleasant enough afternoon—uh, for everyone except Ron… until the walk home.
  • The drama starts with a bloodcurdling scream, and then suddenly Harry and Co. see their fellow student, Katie, lying in the snow up ahead. As they approach her, she jerks around on the ground and then flies high into the air, where she seems to be creepily suspended and screaming. It's, er, quite unsettling. A friend who had been walking with her screams that she told Katie "not to touch it." Touch what?
  • Katie suddenly drops hard back to the ground, and they see a package lying next to her.
  • Hagrid, who has rushed up to help (as is his wont), tells them not to touch it. But we can see that it seems to contain some sort of necklace.

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