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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Scene 18

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Scene 18

Scene 18

  • Ron enters the Great Hall the next day for breakfast wearing his Quidditch uniform, complete with helmet. Bold breakfast outfit choice. Apparently there's a match today and Ron seems muy nervous. He starts asking Harry and Hermione about the dinner party. Hermione says it was pretty boring, and mentions that Slughorn is hosting a Christmas party and she has to bring a plus-one. Ron seems pretty shocked to find out that plus-one would be him and not Cormac.
  • Just then, that same girl who's been making eyes at Ron since they returned to Hogwarts (Lavender Brown) comes to wish him luck in typical googly-eyes fashion.
  • Luna then announces that she's seen Harry sneak something into Ron's cup. Wait, what?
  • Hermione—along with everyone else—believes that Harry's put some of his liquid luck in there to help Ron out today. Harry denies it, but Ron is excited and drinks up, despite Hermione's protests that they could be expelled.
  • And the results seem undeniable: Ron has a great match. Call us a bunch of Hermiones, but really, Harry, cheating? Say it ain't so!

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