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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Scene 28

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Scene 28

Scene 28

  • The holidays are over and we're back at Hogwarts. It would appear Lavender is still in the picture and she's taken to calling Ron "Won-Won." Yeesh.
  • Cut to: Harry is in Dumbledore's office and back in the Pensieve. It seems that he's in one of Slughorn's memories.
  • In fact, he's at one of Slughorn's dinner parties, only this time it's back when Voldemort was a student (as Tom Riddle).
  • After the other students had left the party, Tom asked Slughorn about something he came across in the restricted section of the library. Then the memory kind of…blips out in the middle. Hmm, what's that about? Memories can have static? Slughorn suddenly turns super angry and tells Tom he doesn't know anything about that and even if he did, he wouldn't tell Tom, before aggressively dismissing him.
  • When Harry comes out of the Pensieve, Dumbledore says this memory is crucial to everything they've been doing to fight Voldemort—and someone's tampered with it.
  • Well, not someone—Slughorn. It seems like he's ashamed of something in it.
  • The mission is clear: It's up to Harry to find out what really happened in that conversation between Slughorn and Tom Riddle. Otherwise the fate of the world is at stake. Again, no pressure.

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