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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Scene 29

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Scene 29

Scene 29

  • Harry stops by Professor Slughorn's classroom as his class is letting out.
  • Harry's strategy for getting the intel? He basically tries to stage that whole memory all over again, with Harry playing the Tom Riddle part: he says he was in the restricted section, blah blah—you get the gist.
  • He asks Slughorn if there are types of magic that they're prohibited from teaching the children. Slughorn tries to blow him off, but Harry persists, using a little good old-fashioned flattery. But Slughorn still gives him a canned answer about trying to live within the light and staying away from Dark magic. Still not what Harry's looking for.
  • So he pulls out the big guns and plays a little dirty: he asks Slughorn if he answered the same way when Tom Riddle asked the same questions.
  • Record scratch. Oops, Slughorn gets mad, since he realizes that Dumbledore was putting Harry up to all this all along.
  • Later on, when Harry knocks on Slughorn's door, he gets brusquely turned away. Not looking great for that whole memory mission.

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