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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Scene 32

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Scene 32

Scene 32

  • On his way out of the infirmary, Harry spots someone sneakily lurking. Oh, hey: it's everyone's favorite sneaky lurker, Draco Malfoy. Harry follows him and sees that Draco has gone into the Room of Requirement. Looks like he's playing with the vanishing cabinet again.
  • This time, he's put in a little white bird, and he makes it disappear. Then we see the other vanishing cabinet at Borgin & Burke's and we hear the bird chirping inside. But when we cut back to Draco at Hogwarts, he opens his cabinet to find the bird dead. Ew/yikes.
  • Whoa, and here's another surprise: when Draco finds the dead bird, he cries. So maybe there's some semblance of a heart in there somewhere? Clearly, he's not really all-in on this evil stuff.

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