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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Scene 33

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Scene 33

Scene 33

  • Sitting in the Great Hall at breakfast, Ron is trying to figure out exactly what happened with Lavender when he was in the hospital. And he's getting some serious evil-eye vibes from Lavender.
  • He's not quite clear on how he broke up with Lavender, but he's pretty psyched to be out of that…situation. However, he also doesn't remember calling for Hermione, so…guess we'll have to stay tuned on that one.
  • Meanwhile, Katie Bell has returned after her illness.
  • Harry goes to talk to her, trying to find out more information, but Katie says she really can't remember who cursed her. While chatting, they both look across the Great Hall and see Malfoy. He sees them talking and looks stricken. What's that about?
  • Malfoy runs away to the bathroom, where he tries to pull himself together, but is clearly upset. Like, crying into the mirror upset.
  • Harry follows and basically accuses Draco of hexing Katie. They duel, and Harry decides to try that curse "for enemies" that he saw in his Potions textbook: "Sectumsempra."
  • Malfoy is suddenly bleeding from everywhere. Uh-oh, seems like Harry definitely wasn't expecting Sectumsempra to be this severe.
  • Just them, Snape rushes in. Harry runs away, and Snape fixes Malfoy.

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