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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Scene 34

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Scene 34

Scene 34

  • Back with his friends, Harry is clearly traumatized and feeling pretty guilty about what just happened.
  • Ginny tells Harry what he already knows: He needs to get rid of that Potions book.
  • She takes him to the Room of Requirement so he can hide the book there where no one—including him—can find it.
  • They hear something rustling nearby and notice it's coming from… the vanishing cabinet that Malfoy's been playing with. Harry opens it, and a live bird flies out. Hey, is that the bird that Malfoy supposedly sent off for slaughter? But this time the bird is black.
  • Then, Ginny commands that Harry close his eyes while she hides the book so he won't know where it's gone. Once she's completed her task, but while Harry's eyes are still closed, she goes and kisses him.
  • Ah, teen romance is definitely in the air around here, no?

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