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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Scene 37

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Scene 37

Scene 37

  • Dumbledore and Snape are having a heated discussion in the bell tower. Snape is annoyed, wondering if Dumbledore has ever considered that Snape isn't really down with what's happening.
  • Wait, what is happening? What exactly is Dumbledore asking him to do?
  • Harry overhears the last part of their conversation as he comes to join Dumbledore. Snape runs into Harry on the stairs and gives him his signature Snape stare-down before leaving.
  • Dumbledore gets a little sentimental about how Harry has grown up, and lets Harry know this is going to be a super dangerous mission. He makes Harry promise that no matter what, he must obey the headmaster's commands, without question. Harry gives his word and they depart.

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