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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Scene 41

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Scene 41

Scene 41

  • Hermione and Harry are looking out from the bell tower, talking about everything that's happened. Harry doesn't think Draco would've gone through with killing Dumbledore if Snape hadn't stepped in.
  • To make things even worse (is that possible?), Harry's got some bad news: the Horcrux he and Dumbledore retrieved was apparently a fake. Someone with the initials RAB stole the real one and left Voldemort a note inside the locket.
  • Harry claims that when he leaves Hogwarts for the year, he's not coming backā€”he has to go finish what Dumbledore started.
  • He indicates he's planning to go alone, but Hermione isn't having any of it. Does he really think he find all those Horcruxes by himself?
  • Ron, Hermione, and Harry watch Dumbledore's phoenix fly around the castle.
  • And that's it. Now we just wait for the next installment, in which Harry and his friends basically have to save the world. Yeah, pressure.

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