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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

  • Whew, things are getting stressful, and the school year hasn't even begun yet.
  • Well, brace yourself for more stress, Shmoopers—because now we're on our way back to Hogwarts on the train.
  • Luna is walking down the train, handing out copies of the Quibbler (that's her father's newsletter, you may recall).
  • In one of the compartments, Harry, Hermione, and Ron discuss what they saw Draco and company doing in the shop. Harry thinks it was a ceremony officially making Draco a Death Eater.
  • Harry says he's getting up to get some air, but then we see he's looking sneaky and has some weird coal-like lump in his hand…looks a lot like the instant darkness powder from the Weasley twins' shop… what's he up to now?
  • Suddenly the train is full of black smoke. Once that all clears, we hear Draco chatting with his friends. He seems to see something in the luggage rack above them, but says nothing to the others. Gulp.
  • When it's time to get off the train, Draco tells his friends to go on ahead. Then, he reveals Harry hiding in the luggage rack under his maybe-not-so-trusty invisibility cloak.
  • Draco petrifies Harry with a spell and re-covers him with the cloak so that no one will notice him lying there on the train floor. The idea? Harry will end up going back to London on the train, with no one the wiser. Maybe this will actually be a super short movie?
  • Nah. As you might've suspected, we've got miles to go. Luckily, good ole wacky-but-lovable Luna is still walking through the train, and this time she's wearing some magical kaleidescopey glasses that allow her to realize Harry is there. So, once again, Luna to the rescue.
  • They walk back to Hogwarts and give their names at the gate. Looks like security has tightened a lot at old Hogwarts.
  • Luna fixes Harry's nose, which got broken during Malfoy's attack.

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