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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Scene 27

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Scene 27

Scene 27

  • Naturally, a masked figure steps out of the darkness. It's Lucius Malfoy.
  • He tells Harry that Sirius isn't here. Voldemort just did that to play a little mind game with Harry and make him come to the Department of Mysteries. Now if Harry would just hand over that prophecy he's holding that would be swell.
  • Nope, Harry says, he'd rather break it.
  • Just then, Bellatrix Lestrange steps out of the darkness, too. She's super-unhinged but she admires Harry's game.
  • But Lucius would rather keep things calm and fragile glass orbs unbroken. Turns out that only Harry can retrieve the prophecy because it's about him. It's all about the connection between Voldemort and Harry. If Harry just hands the prophecy over to Lucius, he can get all the answers he's been waiting for his whole life.
  • Naw, I'm good, Harry tells him. He and his friends then run like heck from the Death Eaters.
  • They cast spells and manage to destroy just about all the other prophecies in the Department of Mysteries. Gee, hope no one else wanted to know their future.
  • Then, they head out the door they came through and wind up in another room all together. This Department of Mysteries place sure earns its name.

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