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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Scene 28

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Scene 28

Scene 28

  • In this new room, Harry sees an arch with a veil and hears voices behind it. Luna hears them, too. Why do we get a morbid feeling about this veil?
  • Suddenly, the kids are attacked by Death Eaters who swoop on them like a black mist. Eventually Harry realizes a Death Eater is holding each one of his friends hostage.
  • Now his choice is simple: he can hand Lucius the prophecy or watch his friends die.
  • So he hands it over. Bummer.
  • Just then, Sirius appears behind Lucius and tells him to get away from Harry. Then he punches Lucius. Nice.
  • Lucius falls to the ground and breaks the prophecy. Oops. Voldemort ain't gonna like that.
  • Other members of the Order of the Phoenix show up and everyone starts fighting the Death Eaters. Looks like Snape came through after all.
  • Sirius and Harry end up fighting side by side and when Harry disarms Lucius Malfoy Sirius shouts, "Nice one, James." Maybe Sirius is a little too obsessed with the good ol' days.
  • But Harry doesn't have too much chance to think about this because, just then, Bellatrix blasts Sirius with a nasty killing curse. Sirius's face goes gray and he falls back into the veil in the archway.
  • Bellatrix smiles and runs away and Harry runs after her.

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