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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Scene 30

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Scene 30

Scene 30

  • Okay, so now everyone knows the truth. Voldemort is back. For real.
  • The Daily Prophet is reporting that Fudge may resign, Umbridge is suspended, and Dumbledore is headmaster of Hogwarts again. All is well.
  • In Dumbledore's office, Harry tells his headmaster that he feels responsible for everything that went wrong.
  • No, Dumbledore tells him. It's actually all Dumbledore's fault. He knew that Voldemort would figure out that he was connected to Harry at some point and would try to use that. Dumbledore thought that if he stayed away from Harry that Voldemort wouldn't be as tempted. Guess Dumbledore doesn't know everything.
  • But Harry heard the prophecy and he knows the truth. Now he has to kill Voldemort… or else Voldemort will kill him. Why didn't Dumbledore ever tell him?
  • Well, Dumbledore just hates giving Harry bummer news. He is only fifteen and he's had a pretty tempestuous life. Is it so wrong that he wanted to keep that bit of bad info from him for a while?
  • In any case, the cat's out of the bag now. Good luck, kid.

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