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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Death

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The appearance of the Thestrals should warn you: The Order of The Phoenix is oretty dang death-heavy. Harry's still pretty freaked out by the fact that he just saw Cedric Diggory die at the end of the last movie (and almost got killed by Voldemort himself).

Now he gets to watch his friends be threatened and his godfather murdered in the space of about fifteen minutes. Can't the boy catch a break? Nope. The icy hand of death always seems to be looming over Harry during this movie. And he'll need to learn to live with his grief or it will consume him.

You know: classic kid's movie stuff.

Questions About Death

  1. Do you think Harry's visions lead him to believe he can cheat death? How is this enticing to him?
  2. How does death invade the past, present, and future in this film?
  3. Do you think Cho wants to connect with Harry because she needs someone to talk to about Cedric's death? Is this a terrible way to find a boyfriend?

Chew on This

Sirius's death in this film sets a precedent for the rest of the series. Harry's losses will now start to be much more personal and high stakes.

Harry often says how alone he feels and that no one understands him. That may be because he's experiencing some PTSD after Cedric's death and his own near-murder. That's not something his classmates can relate to.

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