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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Love

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Love is a powerful thing. Just ask Harry Potter. Sure, he spends a good part of The Order of the Phoenix acting like a moody, angst-ridden teenager but, in the end, Harry realizes the value of love and friendship.

He doesn't have to face down the most powerful dark wizard of all time on his own. He has friends by his side who are willing to go to bat for him. People who love and care for him and who will stick with him no matter what. Maybe they can all wear matching t-shirts into battle next time?

Questions About Love

  1. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley view Harry as part of their family—how is their love and acceptance of Harry important to him?
  2. Why is Harry's friendship with Luna important in this movie?
  3. How is Harry's love for others his greatest asset and biggest downfall?

Chew on This

Sirius truly loves Harry and wants them to be a family, but he has flaws as a character that will make that impossible in the end.

In the end, Harry realizes that his true advantage over Voldemort is that Harry has people who love him while Voldemort just has minions who fear him.

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