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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban The Time Turner

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The Time Turner

If She Could Turn Back Time

If this were Hermione's story, Hermione Granger and the Time-Turner would be a killer title. It would also be really, really confusing with all the time travel. (Maybe J.K. Rowling would be down for a Harry Potter-meets-Primer crossover?)

The time-travel sequence in the film is a little shorter than the one in the book, because filmmakers can play with time without the aid of magical devices. But it's still critical to plot. What is most important here is the appearance of the Time Turner itself.

You might be surprised to see that one of the most powerful magical artifacts in the entire Harry Potter series is about the size of a half-dollar. It's small enough for Hermione to wear as if it were a locket. And it has a tiny little hourglass on it, like you might use to time the shortest game of Boggle ever.

The Time-Turner shows us that powerful magic can come in unassuming packages, which makes it a good accessory for young wizards and witches like Harry and Hermione. No one expects two kids to be so powerful, either.

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