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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Music (Score)

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Music (Score)

John Williams

John Williams, a.k.a. That Guy Who Composed Almost Every Spielberg Film, composed the first three Harry Potter films, including this one. He's responsible for the iconic title theme, known as "Hedwig's Theme," which is featured in all eight movies and makes us close our eyes and picture Hogwarts on the backs of our eyelids.

Like the movie itself, Williams' score takes on a darker tone this time around, featuring tracks like "The Dementors Converge" for the scene where the Dementors converge and "The Werewolf Scene" for the scene with the werewolf. Hogwarts feels like the medieval castle it is supposed to be in this installment, and Williams' score sounds like music you may have heard echo in its stony halls centuries ago. (Source)

Williams also injects a bit of Shakespeare into the proceedings with the "Double Trouble" song featuring the lyric "Something wicked this way comes." (We, of course, remember that from Act 4, Scene 1 of Macbeth, 'cause we're lit nerds like that.)

But even Shakespeare never dreamed up something as frightening as the Dementors. "Wicked" barely even begins to cover those hellish creatures.

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