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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Revenge

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MARGE: Damn good of my brother to keep you. He'd have been straight to an orphanage if he'd been dumped on my doorstep.

The Dursleys seem to be taking out their frustrations and anger at Harry's mother on Harry himself. They should get in touch with Snape, because he has the same M.O.

UNCLE VERNON: You bring her back! You bring her back now. You put her right!
HARRY: She deserved what she got.

Harry also acts impulsively and lashes out at people who anger him (like when he inflates Aunt Marge, for example) perhaps for good reason. But Harry is also thirteen, so we cut him some slack. For the adults who act this way—Vernon Dursley in this example, and Snape later on—we're all out of slack. They should know better.

MR WEASLEY: When you stopped You-Know-Who, Black lost everything. But to this day, he still remains a faithful servant. And in his mind you are the only thing that stands in the way of You-Know-Who returning to power. And that is why he has escaped from Azkaban. To find you.

By this point, it seems like every adult wants to take revenge on Harry Potter simply for being born. Can't these people just move on with their lives?!

MALFOY: Wait until Father hears Dumbledore's got this oaf teaching classes.

Malfoy is a jerk through and through. He seems to dislike Hagrid just because he's a friend of Harry's. And Malfoy will take any opportunity to hurt Harry, even if it means hurting his friends.

HARRY: He was their friend and he betrayed them. He was their friend! I hope he finds me. Because when he does, I'm gonna be ready! When he does, I'm gonna kill him!

Once again, we see Harry willing to commit an act of revenge against someone who hurt his parents. How does this make Harry any different from the person he fears Sirius Black to be?

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