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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Scene 21

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Scene 21

Scene 21

  • Scabbers, who doesn't seem to take executions well, bites Ron's finger and runs away, straight for the Whomping Willow.
  • Because a murderous tree isn't enough, a mangy dog appears and drags Ron into a hole in the tree's base. Whoa.
  • One woody thwack knocks Harry's glasses off, and another wild limb grabs Hermione, sending her flying through the sky.
  • They manage to escape and follow Ron into the tunnel beneath the tree.
  • It leads them to the scary Shrieking Shack.
  • They find Ron in a room, but he isn't alone.
  • The dog has transformed back into a human. Not just any human, but Sirius Black.
  • Harry pins Sirius to the floor, but then Lupin shows up and disarms Harry.
  • He helps Sirius up. They're allies.
  • Hermione reveals that Lupin's a werewolf.
  • Lupin says that it wasn't Sirius who betrayed Harry's parents. It was Peter Pettigrew. We can't take many more plot twists.

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