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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Scene 25

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Scene 25

Scene 25

  • Harry wakes up in the infirmary.
  • She tells Harry that Sirius has been captured, and the Dementors will deliver the dreaded Dementor's Kiss to him soon.
  • Trust us, you do not want a Dementor to use tongue.
  • Dumbledore arrives and tells Hermione to take action. She knows what to do.
  • What? What's she supposed to do?
  • Hermione pulls out a little gadget and winds it three times.
  • It sends her and Harry back into the past, to 7:30.
  • This is the moment before Buckbeak's execution.
  • They watch Hermione punch Malfoy in the face. That never gets old.
  • According to Dumbledore, "more than one innocent life could be spared."
  • Hermione takes that as a clue that they need to save Buckbeak, too.

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