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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Scene 27

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Scene 27

Scene 27

  • With Buckbeak in tow, Harry and Hermione run through the woods.
  • They reach the Whomping Willow…and wait.
  • As they wait, Harry says he saw someone by the lake who made the Dementors go away.
  • Harry thinks it was his dad.
  • Hermione gently reminds Harry that his dad is dead, as if he forgot.
  • Past-Harry and gang emerge from the Willow.
  • Cue werewolf fight, etc. from Scene 23. This is very literal déjà vu.
  • That female howl we heard earlier? It's Hermione.
  • Now past-Lupin is chasing future-Harry through the woods. So they run like they haven't run in, oh, about twenty minutes.
  • They come face-to-snout with the werewolf, but Buckbeak intervenes.
  • If this were rock paper scissors, Buckbeak is scissors and the werewolf his paper. Lupin retreats.
  • Now Harry must rescue Sirius. He runs to the lake where the Dementors swirl about like scraps of kale in a juicer.
  • Harry waits for his dad to appear and conjure the Patronus.
  • Finally, he realizes it wasn't his dad. It was him.
  • Harry conjures the brilliant Patronus that saves the day. Bravo, Harry.

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