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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Scene 28

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Scene 28

Scene 28

  • Harry and Hermione ride Buckbeak back to Hogwarts. Imagine: twenty years ago, half that sentence would make no sense.
  • They rescue Sirius from a jail cell in the tower.
  • Back on solid ground, Sirius and Harry bond over memories of his parents.

SIRIUS: The ones that love us never leave us.

  • Aww. Is there a spell to dry our tears?
  • Sirius mounts Buckbeak and escapes.
  • The clock chimes, which means Hermione has to hurry. Will she turn into a pumpkin?
  • No, they arrive back at the infirmary just as past-them time travel away. Whew. Paradox averted.

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