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His Girl Friday Music (Score)

Music (Score)

Sidney Cutner and Felix Mills

Sidney Cutner and Felix Mills were both composers who worked in Hollywood during the 1940's. Neither of them is especially famous. But they don't need to be, because there's hardly any music in His Girl Friday.

There's a couple minutes of zippy, cheery band music at the beginning over the opening credits, a few romantic string flourishes at the end, and… that's about it.

Maybe Hawks figured there was so much talking there was no need for music. Or that any superfluous music would drown out the hailstorm of quips and quotable quotes flying out of the mouths of Russell and Grant.

Whatever the reason, the newspaper folk in His Girl Friday are hard-nosed, no-nonsense people who get through the film with only the euphonious sounds of their typewriters for accompaniment.

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