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His Girl Friday Scene 3

Scene 3

Scene 3

  • The scenes are pretty long; you can tell this movie was adapted from a play.
  • This one is the pressroom at the criminal courts building, where the newspaper guys are playing cards.
  • A couple of the reporters call into their papers to say that a psychologist, Egelhoffer, is going to interview Earl Williams to determine he's not insane and can be executed.
  • Hildy comes in; everyone's happy to see her.
  • She tells them all she's getting married.
  • She says she's through with newspapering. She also kind of sneers at Bruce's mom, though, which doesn't bode well for domestic bliss.
  • They look out the window and see the police preparing for the hanging.
  • She asks for more info on Williams, and the guys tell her he was a bookkeeper who lost his job and listened to too many political speeches in the park.

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