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His Girl Friday Scene 4

Scene 4

Scene 4

  • We're back in Walter's office, where the insurance doctor is finishing up examining him.
  • Bruce asks who the insurance policy should be made out to; Walter says to Hildy.
  • Bruce isn't so sure about that, but Walter says he still loves her. Awww.
  • Walter fast-talks him.
  • Walter wipes away a tear, but Bruce doesn't see it, so Walter taps him on the shoulder and then wipes it away again.
  • Duffy comes in and gives Walter the certified check for $2,500.
  • Walter sets Bruce up to call Hildy. He tells her he has the check. She tells him to put it in the lining of his hat (she's afraid Walter will steal it).
  • While Bruce is finishing the phone call, Walter points him out to Louis. (No doubt telling Louis to perform some nefarious deed.)
  • As Bruce goes out, Louis follows him.

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