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His Girl Friday Scene 6

Scene 6

Scene 6

  • We're back in the press room. They're talking about how they don't think Hildy will be able to leave the paper.
  • Molly Malloy shows up. She tells the press guys they're all jerks. They wrote lies about her having slept with Earl Williams and being willing to marry him.
  • She says she only met him once the day before the shooting and she tried to help him out. She says that she's not her girlfriend.
  • Hildy comes in during her speech and is starting to write her story.
  • The newspaper guys don't listen to her and make jokes about the execution.
  • Molly gets very upset and Hildy takes her out. The newspapermen seem kind of abashed. They're still jerks, though.
  • There's a call for Hildy; she comes back in and takes it.
  • It's from Bruce; it sounds like he's in some kind of trouble.
  • Hildy runs out, the Sheriff comes in; Hildy accidentally kicks him in the shin.
  • He hops around. That's physical humor for ya, Shmoopers.
  • The Sheriff passes out tickets for the hanging and the newspaper guys tell him he's dumb and corrupt.

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