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Home Alone Mitch Murphy (Jeffrey Wiseman)

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Mitch Murphy (Jeffrey Wiseman)

Arguably, this kid is responsible for the entire crisis of the movie. Mitch is a neighbor kid who lives next door to Kevin, and he's nosy and full of curiosity. While the van driver waits to pick up the McCallisters, Mitch pesters him with questions:

MITCH: How fast does this thing go? Does it have automatic transmission? Does it have four-wheel drive?

DRIVER: Look, I told you before kid: don't bother me. Now beat it!

But Mitch doesn't beat it. He hangs around and screws up the head-count—Kevin's older sister Heather accidentally counts Mitch, making the family think that all the kids are accounted for.

Thanks, Mitch. Your annoying meddling just generated a classic family comedy.

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