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Home Alone Scene 2

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Scene 2

Scene 2

  • Kevin arrives in the kitchen to discover that Buzz has already eaten the plain cheese pizza that was ordered for him (Kevin). Kevin attacks Buzz, causing soda to spill on his uncle and turning the rest of the family against him.
  • Again, we're 100% on Kevin's side: nobody has the right to stand between a boy and his pizza.
  • Kevin's Mom sends him to bed, dragging him upstairs.
  • In the hall, they're stopped by the cop—Kevin's Mom tells him that they're taking a trip to Paris to visit relatives. When the cop smiles at Kevin, we see that he has a sparkling gold tooth.
  • Upstairs, Kevin's Mom banishes him to an attic room. Kevin snottily says that he wishes he didn't have a family, and doesn't want to see his mother or anyone else ever again. He openly wishes that he never has to see "any of you jerks" anymore.
  • In the night, outside, we see the wind pick up. It knocks a branch off a tree, severing the phone and power lines with a blast of sparks.
  • Next morning, a van driver waits to take the family to the airport. Inside, Kevin's parents realize that they slept in, due to the power outage. In fast-motion, the family gets ready to go.
  • Meanwhile, a neighbor kid pesters the van driver while he tries to load the family's luggage.
  • This kid is the fly in the ointment—he messes everything up.
  • The family members file out. When one of the older girls, Heather, counts the heads of all the kids, she accidentally counts the neighbor kid, and they don't realize they're missing someone.
  • In a hectic rush, they make it to the airport on time and board their plane for France.
  • Back at home, Kevin wakes up and heads downstairs.
  • We see the plane take off.

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