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Home Alone Scene 3

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Scene 3

Scene 3

  • Kevin heads to the kitchen and turns on the TV. He starts to wonder where everyone is, looking concerned.
  • Back on the plane, Kevin's Mom chats with his Dad.
  • Kevin wanders around the house, calling out to his different family members. He even heads down to the basement, where the creepy furnace freaks him out.
  • He runs outside and sees the cars are in the garage, and thinks his family didn't go to the airport (he doesn't realize they took a van).
  • Back inside, he thinks he made his family disappear—and he feels pleased.
  • Kevin celebrates: he hops on his parents' bed, eats junk food, and zooms around the house.
  • He breaks into his brother Buzz's secret stash, taking out firecrackers and chucking a copy of Playboy over his head (Kevin's not interested...yet.) Then, he uses his brother's BB Gun to shoot action figures down a laundry chute.
  • Soon Kevin will be exchanging those action figures for human targets—but in a justified way.
  • Next, he watches the movie his uncle wouldn't let him watch—Angels With Filthy Souls. But its violent death scene, in which one gangster shoots another, scares him. He covers his eyes.
  • On the plane, it's nighttime: Kevin's mother tells his father that she has a feeling they forgot something. His dad says he forgot to close the garage…but Kevin's mother says that's not it. Suddenly, she realizes, shouting, "Kevin!"
  • Back at the McCallister house, Kevin rides a toboggan down the stairs and directly out the door.
  • Cutting back to the plane, Kevin's mother consults with the airplane staff about trying to call home. She feels guilty.
  • It's just like losing your car keys in the couch cushion—except your car keys are your kid.

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