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Home Alone Scene 4

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Scene 4

Scene 4

  • Outside the McCallister house at night, two burglars show up in a van—one of them, Harry, is the fake cop from the first scene.
  • He pretended to be a police officer in order to ask the McCallisters and other families what security precautions they were taking—thus allowing himself to break into the homes of people who will be gone.
  • He demonstrates to the other burglar, Marv, how certain houses have automatic lights timed to come on at a specific hour.
  • They go to break into the McCallister house through the basement, but Kevin turns on the basement light, making the burglars think someone's still home and scaring them off.
  • Kevin, equally scared, hides under a bed.
  • After arriving in France, the McCallisters immediately move to call home, forcing a French lady away from a pay phone.
  • Kevin decides to stop being a wimp, and come out from under the bed. He runs outside, yelling, "I'm not afraid anymore!" But when Marley, the snow shovel guy, steps in front of him on the sidewalk, Kevin screams and runs inside, jumping into bed and hiding under the sheets.
  • Instead of discovering the hero within, Kevin discovers the wimp within.
  • Meanwhile, Kevin's mother calls the police back in America, asking them to go check on Kevin.
  • The police think she's "hyper" and keep transferring her. Finally, they tell her they'll send someone over.
  • But when the cop knocks on the door, Kevin's still hiding in bed and won't answer the door. The cop thinks no one's at home.

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