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Home Alone Scene 5

Scene 5

Scene 5

  • Now, the McCallisters try to find a flight back to America, but everything is booked until Friday (two days from the present).
  • The airport staff agrees to let Kevin's mom stay at the airport on standby—they'll let her know if an earlier seat opens up.
  • Back at home, Kevin goes through an involved bathroom grooming routine. When he puts aftershave on his face, he screams.
  • Next, Kevin attempts to climb shelves in Buzz's room, causing the whole thing to collapse. But he gets what he set out for, breaking into Buzz's life-savings…and inadvertently setting Buzz's tarantula free in the process.
  • (But the tarantula's moment to shine hasn't yet come.)
  • Outside, he notices someone is in a neighbor's house. He thought they went to Florida…
  • Kevin doesn't realize it, but it's the burglars.
  • While they're looting the house, Kevin's dad leaves a message on the neighbors' answering machine. Marv hears it and realizes the family is in Paris, though he doesn't realize that they left Kevin home.
  • Kevin goes to a local store to buy a toothbrush…but when Old Man Marley enters, Kevin is terrified and runs away—accidentally taking the toothbrush with him. A clerk chases after him, siccing a nearby cop on Kevin.
  • Kevin eludes the cop, sliding through an ice skating rink on his knees at high speed, darting through the legs of skaters. The cop falls in the process.
  • But plaque and tartar must be defeated—like the burglars.

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