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Home Alone Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • Walking home, Kevin feels guilty about the toothbrush—like he's a criminal.
  • In the house the two burglars were burglarizing, we see Marv leave the water on, intentionally flooding the house. Harry thinks this is sick, but tolerates it.
  • As they drive away, they almost hit Kevin with their van. They tell him to be more careful and wish him a Merry Christmas—but Kevin notices Harry's gold tooth, recognizing him.
  • Harry doesn't like how Kevin looked at him, and decides to follow him. Kevin notices the van and starts to run. He evades the robbers by hiding in the nativity display of a church. Nice tactic.
  • He vows to be ready when these guys come up—he's realized they're robbers, apparently. Pretty smart for an eight year old.
  • At night, the robbers pull up outside his house—but Kevin has orchestrated a fake party in the house with a cardboard cutout of Michael Jordan and a mannequin in the windows. It tricks Marv and Harry, and they leave.
  • In France, the McCallisters (except the Mom who's at the airport) are watching It's a Wonderful Life in French, and look bored. Buzz says he's not worried about Kevin, giving an idiotic explanation why.
  • Back at home, Kevin orders a pizza, but uses the death scene from Angels with Filthy Souls played on the TV to mimic a gangster menacing the pizza boy. Kevin pays the pizza boy under the door but doesn't tip him—the pizza boy runs away, thinking the gangster on TV was a real person shooting at him.
  • At the airport in Paris, Kevin's Mom tries to bribe an elderly American couple with her watch and jewelry, to let her take their seats. They cave in and agree.
  • At home, Kevin watches TV and feels lonely—he wants his family back!
  • Families improve the TV watching experience, apparently.

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