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Home Alone Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

  • Next morning, Kevin lip syncs "White Christmas" and burns his face with aftershave, screaming again. He never learns.
  • Kevin heads to the grocery store. When he checks out, the checkout lady is suspicious, thinking he's there by himself (because he is). But Kevin claims his mother is waiting outside, after she quizzes him.
  • Kevin has become a master of deception—a future James Bond in the making.
  • As he walks home, the grocery bags break, spilling their contents on the ground.
  • When he gets home, he does laundry in the basement. The furnace freaks him out again, but he gets over his fear, realizing it's just a furnace and not some sort of evil being.
  • Outside, Harry and Marv are back. Harry orders Marv to check out the house and see if anyone's really home.
  • Kevin notices Marv trying to break in, and he flips on the Angels with Filthy Souls VHS. Marv, being a moron, thinks that two gangsters really are arguing, and that the one kills the other one. Kevin makes the gunfire sound more realistic by blowing up Buzz's firecrackers.
  • (Who among us can't tell the difference between late 80s VHS audio and actual humans speaking?)
  • Marv runs away, telling Harry what happened. But Harry wants to wait, to see if they can see who committed the murder, in case they end up getting questioned about it.

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