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Inception Scene 24

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Scene 24

Scene 24

  • We've just leveled up to Dream Level #2.
  • Cobb is going to use operation Mr. Charles, where he tells Robert he's in a dream. Wait, isn't that the exact opposite of what they wanted to have happen?
  • It seems to work. He convinces┬áRobert that he (Cobb) is there to help him escape the extractors (which are actually the subconscious projections trying to help him).
  • They remind him of numbers from the previous dream (which he thinks is a reality) and he leads them to a hotel room with those numbers.
  • Then his projections of Browning show up and we see that Robert is turning against Browning when the dream Browning admits to working with his captors.
  • Then it's time for Level #3.
  • They convince Robert they are going into Browning's subconscious to find out what he's hiding when really, they're going into Robert's.

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