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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Director

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Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg. You've heard of him. There isn't much we can add to his biography that we didn't mention when we discussed Raiders of the Lost Ark, so we're going to pretend to head back to 1984, Back to the Future style, and see what Spielberg was up to during the making of Temple of Doom.

Because what Spielberg was going through was drama.

Spielberg's celebrity gossip circa '84 has a plot as juicy and twist as many of his movies. Spielberg had been dating actress Amy Irving for years, and even offered her the role of Marion Ravenwood in Raiders of the Lost Ark. (Source)

However, Irving had an affair with Willie Nelson (yes, that Willie Nelson) on the set of Honeysuckle Rose (1980) costing her the role of Marion. Both Spielberg and Lucas reportedly channeled a lot of their personal drama into the plot of Temple of Doom, which is why it's so dark and depressing. (Source)

Spielberg and Irving rekindled their relationship around the time of Temple of Doom, but by that point, Stevey boy already had eyes for Kate Capshaw, who plays Willie. It seems that Capshaw was the opposite of her ditzy blonde film character. After divorcing Irving in 1989, Spielberg married Capshaw in 1991. (Source)

They're still married as of 2016, an eternity by Hollywood standards. Although Spielberg's relationship with Irving was a veritable temple of doom, and she totally raided his lost bank account, Capshaw seems to be his last crusade. (Like true Indy fans, we're ignoring Crystal Skull, even for pun purposes.)

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