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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Fandoms

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You Know You're Legendary When LEGO Gets Involved

Indiana Jones is still kinda popular. And by "kinda" we mean everyone on the planet knows who Indiana Jones is.

The franchise has four films, a TV series, action figures, LEGO figures, video games, and video games based on LEGO figures. You could spend an entire year's salary on Indiana Jones merch and still not have it all.

Indiana Jones often thinks of "fortune and glory" but George Lucas knows that true fortune and glory doesn't lie in sacred stones…it comes from all that merchandise.

An arcade game based on Temple of Doom was released in 1985, and ported to everyone's favorite 80's game console, the NES, in 1988. Gamers across the country smashed their controllers in frustration as they tried to maneuver Indy through the mines under Pankot Palace and rescue digital child slaves. The Angry Video Game Nerd was still complaining about this game twenty years later. (Source)

If you want to recreate your favorite Temple of Doom scenes, hit up eBay, that virtual temple of doom for your wallet. Sellers often post various action figures, released in 2008, including Indy, Mola Ram, Short Round, and Willie. (Source)

Finally, there are always rumors of a new Indiana Jones film, over thirty-five years after the first film's release. Recent rumors include dad-bod-turned-hunk Chris Pratt playing the titular archeologist, but Spielberg always insists that no one other than Ford will wield Indy's iconic whip. (Source)

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