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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Production Studio

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George Lucas is one of the few people talented—or narcissistic, depending on how you feel about him— enough to name his production company after himself. (We cover the history of the house that Lucas built over at Raiders of The Lost Ark check it out.)

But what was going on at the time of Temple of Doom? In 1984 Lucasfilm had just wrapped up the original Star Wars trilogy. The Jedi had returned and left again, so Lucas decided it was time for another return: Indiana Jones, a man who could probably wield a lightsaber if he had one.

Although Temple was insanely popular, as all things Indy are, it was actually the least-successful movie in the franchise as far as dollars go, making $333 million worldwide.

With Lucas being the Lucas in Lucasfilm, he had total control of his movies, even borrowing from other films he was working on for Temple of Doom. In 1994, Lucasfilm would release Radioland Murders, but Lucas cannibalized Temple of Doom's jazzy opening number from that film. (Source)

Speaking of cannibalism, Disney ate Lucasfilm whole in 2012, purchasing it for $4 billion. That's billion with a b, guys, a number so big it bears repeating. That shows you just how valuable the franchises Lucas created are. We almost said "priceless," but clearly there is a price: $4 billion. That's pennies for the House of Mouse, which will one day own you too. (Source)

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