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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Other Characters

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Other Characters

Both the beginning and ending of the film feature some miscellaneous characters that are important enough to have names. In the Shanghai scene, we meet a bad guy named Lao Che. From his dialog with Indy, it feels like these two have a history that goes back way beyond this meeting.

And speaking of history, we also briefly meet Wu Han. He is a friend of Indy's who's disguised as a waiter and strangely happy to die for him:

WU HAN: I followed you on many adventures, but into the great unknown mystery, I go first, Indy.

Finally, we briefly meet Captain Blumbertt at the dinner in Pankot Palace. He re-emerges at the very end to save Indy as he flees Mola Ram's men. The British swooping in to save the day from a bunch of evil Indians in a movie set in India? No wonder India didn't want Spielberg and Lucas filming there.

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