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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Scene 10

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Scene 10

Scene 10

  • Before retiring to his room, Indy decides to "check on" Willie.
  • He brings her a plate of fruit—an apple, grapes, and an orange.
  • (Doesn't take much for her to forget that he's been a total jerk to her since they met.)
  • They talk about animal mating rituals as if Indy is Jane Goodall and Willie is an ape. The two decide to kiss. You know, for science.
  • But after about three seconds, they're arguing again.
  • Indy returns to his room, but she swears he'll be back in her room in five minutes.
  • They both check their (biological) clocks and start timing.
  • But before five minutes is up, Indy is attacked in his room.
  • A man tries to choke him, and Indy fights him off.
  • In the hall, Willie screams at his door. "I could have been your greatest adventure!"
  • He can't respond because of the rope around his neck.
  • Short Round wakes up and tosses Indy his whip.
  • Indy turns the tables by wrapping the whip around his attacker's neck.
  • The whip becomes tangled in the strongest ceiling fan ever, which pulls the man into the air and chokes him to the death.
  • Indy rushes to Willie's room and checks it for attackers.
  • It's clear.
  • Yet he feels a breeze. Perhaps it's all the sexual desperation hanging in the air?

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