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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Scene 11

Scene 11

Scene 11

  • Indy finds a secret passage in Willie's room.
  • Inside is a drawing on the wall that matches the message given to Indy in the village.
  • In the passage, Indy tells Short Round to not touch anything.
  • So he instantly touches something, and a pair of decomposed skeletons fall from the wall.
  • Deeper in the tunnel, the floor starts to get crunchy.
  • It's covered in giant insects. Some people keep chickens for dinner. Pankot Palace keeps a cave full of insects.
  • Farther into the tunnel, Indy and Shorty get stuck in a creepy room.
  • Indy tells Shorty to stand against the wall, so he does.
  • Of course he triggers a mechanism, which brings the ceiling down upon them.
  • As if being crushed to death weren't bad enough, giant spikes come from the floor and ceiling.
  • Indy is about learn what that guy at the beginning felt when Indy ran him through with a skewer.
  • Not wanting to die that way, he screams for Willie's help.
  • In the bug room, Willie, covered in insects must reach into a hole for a release mechanism. This is the inspiration for every episode of Fear Factor ever.
  • The hole is filled with creepy crawly insects.
  • Just as a spike pierces Jones's hat, Willie grabs the lever and disarms the trap.
  • She runs into the trap room, screaming at Indy to get the bugs off her.
  • And she trips the trap. Again. Jones would be better off alone.
  • They run from the room just before the door closes them inside. Freedom!

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