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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Scene 17

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Scene 17

Scene 17

  • Willie's cage is lowered into the lava. This can't be good for her complexion.
  • Short Round tries to wake Indy, but Indy backhands the kid in the face.
  • So Shorty grabs a torch and burns Indy. Most people throw water into someone's face to wake them up, jeez.
  • But it works. Indy comes to his senses and attacks the guards.
  • They're the worst guards ever, and Indy handily knocks them into the lava.
  • He kills Chattar Lal by knocking him into the wheel that lowers the cage. His body sticks in the gears, saving Willie from becoming a crispy dunkaroo.
  • Mola Ram takes off his skull hat, because the horns won't fit through the trap door he escapes into.
  • Indy raises Willie from the vortex of lava at the last minute. Quick, get her some aloe.
  • She's fine. She slaps Indy as soon as she regains consciousness, so you know she's okay.
  • Short Round fetches Indy's hat and whip (yay!) and his shirt (boo!) and they get ready to escape.

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